The Game

Ayoung playwright travels to a distant land in search of material for his next blockbuster. He gets much more than he bargains for in an adventure game full of comedy and intrigue.


  • HD visuals so lovely that you will call your friends over, point to the screen and say, "Look how lovely these visuals are!"
  • Animations! Yes, the characters actually move!
  • Puzzles and challenges galore!
  • Full orchestral score by some guy we found on the Internet!
  • Sound design designed by a sound guy who designs sound!
  • Fully voiced characters! Hear what people sound like, from a posh bard to a demon moose!
  • Fascinating characters, intriguing plot and humour galore!
  • A surfeit of exclamation marks!


To be announced


Act I: Let the Play Begin!

Act I Screenshot
Mikael's plays are known for their drama, action, and heroic deeds. The playwright himself cuts a somewhat less heroic figure, but he's about to be pulled into the adventure of his lifetime! He travels to placid Glassrock Bay to find inspiration for his next play, only to find its famous mines closed and a new ruler in town who has a preposterously well-guarded mansion. Why has he taken over this town? What's he got hidden in his mansion? Why does that guy over there have the head of a moose?!? It's time to find out - Let the Play Begin!

Act II

To be announced


To be announced

Act IV

To be announced


Daniel's Shack
Main Street
Kaffe Street
Outside Big Dio's Mansion